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Increase business agility with Netology Smart Edge

Networks used to rely on dedicated hardware to provide services, such as routers, firewalls, and WAN optimizers, but now some or all of their functionality is offered virtually as software. Now you can control everything with a Smart Edge in the center or branch office.

Smart Edge is a general-purpose platform that virtually integrates multiple functions (formerly physical processes) anywhere on the network. In current years, network aid providers have been virtualizing to decrease operational costs and time-to-service and create better customer value. As virtualization becomes more common across the industry, the general-purpose processors in customer edge equipment have grown to match. 

Smart Edge is now one of the most concentrated products in the industry, with almost every carrier providing a variety of Smart Edge-based services to their corporate customers. The Smart Edge solution consists of a general-purpose hardware platform, a vendor-independent virtualization layer, and hosts of various virtual applications (VNFs). Today, Smart Edge offers enterprises many solutions. Here are the answers provided by Smart Edge.

Smart Edge is a critical step in moving to multi-access edge computing. Network service providers are starting to allocate space for customers to run their applications, including computers, storage, and memory. Network Service Providers provide "micro clouds" on your premises, providing the space (computers, storage, memory, etc.) to run the applications you need. For example, if a customer wants to run a security monitoring solution, they can run it on this edge device instead of dedicated hardware.

Controlled primary and operating costs 

Smart Edge can use a single server for multiple network functions. It can help reduce your company's initial capital expenditures and long-term operational costs.

The catalyst for innovation and on-demand services

Smart Edge brings the power of the cloud to the network of operators and promotes innovation by having an open and programmable platform. Because network functions are software-based, not hardware-based, it is easier to introduce new features. These software-centric Smart Edge solutions can launch services on demand.

Automate and analyze progress

Standardizing Smart Edge's data, control, and management plane protocols streamlines and simplifies network integration and operations and drive automation.

Software-Defined Networking & Infrastructure

The Smart Edge includes a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). Providers can deploy virtualized services on a low-cost platform that enables a variety of VNF deployments. Customers can scale bandwidth, speed, and additional applications as needed.

No dedicated appliance is required for WAN Services.

The Smart Edge platform takes advantage of virtualization to replace its proprietary appliances for WAN services such as SD-WAN, firewalls, and WAN optimizers with comparable software-based VNFs.


Edge computing

Edge computing optimizes Internet devices and web applications by bringing computing power closer to the original data source. It reduces the demand for long-distance connections between the client and the server, reducing latency and overall bandwidth required.

Smart Edge brings the power of the cloud to traditional communications networks. Reduce costs, time to deployment, and overall maintenance, making operational improvements, experimentation, and innovation more accessible. The addition of a software-defined approach also makes WAN optimization easier, enables data and encryption analysis and application usage visibility, and makes WAN optimization faster and easier for companies.

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