Smart Edge Solution for Telco

Reshaping the paradigm of Telecom Industry

Smart Edge Solution for Telco

Many of the Telecom industries are working with their traditional old fashioned module of network infrastructure. bringing revolution in telco systems -Smart Edge is a single device that can handle multiple network functions. For example, features such as routing, switching, firewalls, and load balancers are built into a single device called Smart Edge. Smart Edge is primarily used in SD-WAN deployments as an alternative to standard CE/WAN/edge devices in customer premises.


To meet the demands of network service providers who have been using methods and techniques to reduce operating costs (OPEX). They have quickly implemented a virtualization technology that virtually delivers almost all of the functionality of hardware devices as software (also known as Virtual Network Functions (VNF).

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization is a new way to add, distribute, and run network services. It separates the physical network functions from the dedicated hardware device to be run on standardized hardware. Features such as firewalls and intrusion prevention mentioned above are virtual network functions (VNF).

Smart Edge uses this Virtual Network Function to aggregate many specialized devices into a single generic box. It is the next step in the evolution of intelligent networks, allowing us to put much more control into the hands of our customers than ever before.

Solutions of Smart Edge for Telco

The transition to virtualization is a critical component of an organization's digital transformation and offers a wide range of benefits, including:


·         Reduces the need to purchase dedicated vendor hardware and capital expenses

·         Reduced running costs to operating costs (e.g., space for all equipment and less power to run equipment)

·         It also saves time during long procurement processes with different vendors.

·        Reduce risk when deploying new services by allowing providers to trial and roll back services to meet customer needs

·         Zero-touch provisioning eliminates the need for engineers to visit the site. The Smart Edge can be installed and configured automatically at power-up and update the configuration remotely.

·        In addition, mobile networks, especially 5G networks, can provide users with more accurate location information, which is a benefit of increasing location service opportunities. Retail is an example of a company's proprietary location information service. Retailers can use location information to offer promotional offers and coupons, and they can take security measures to prevent shoppers from accessing unauthorized locations.


It has been a significant result of the challenge of delivering better mobile connectivity to the enterprise and monetizing it. Solutions range from limited-functionality infrastructures like repeaters and small cells to high-quality and expensive solutions like distributed antenna systems (DAS), which were also bulky. There was no perfect solution to deliver high-quality services at a reasonable price. To solve these problems, some service providers have adopted Wi-Fi-based resolutions.

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