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Smart Edge for Remote workforce (Work from Home)

Companies around the world are implementing remote work policies to address the coronavirus. Early on, companies implementing Smart Edge transformation have built infrastructure to support remote work to continue their business even during this transition.

But what happens to companies that are slow to adopt the digital-conscious culture and business models? You don't necessarily have all the skills, tools, and abilities to succeed in this new environment.

Netology Smart Edge impacts every aspect of your business, and there are many ways companies can make a difference. When migrating staff to remote work, Smart Edge assist as:

Develop productive remote workers

Virtualization has penetrated almost every part of your IT infrastructure. There are many ways to take advantage of virtualization technologies.In the SD-WAN architecture, Netology Smart Edge connects the branch office to the organization's corporate headquarters. This process of network virtualization facilitates network improvements through remote software patches and upgrades. You can also deploy new branch offices and operate your entire network at a low cost. Network virtualization that supports telecommuting is not just about enacting telecommuting policies and providing corporate-owned laptops to employees.

Companies can and should provide digital tools and platforms so that employees can work efficiently and effectively. The Netology Smart Edge gives this support. Smart Edge provides communication platforms such as instant messaging, video conferencing, audio conferencing, email, Voice over Internet Protocol, and unified messaging apps. It offers a variety of ways for employees to stay connected with colleagues and customers.

Cloud-based project management and collaboration applications enable staff to understand ongoing projects, share documents, and update in real-time. 

The right combination of Smart Edge and SD-WAN allows businesses to replicate and improve office productivity wherever they are. 

Smart Edge Enterprise Data Protection and Security

If a company doesn't provide the employees with enough technology to work from home, they will find a workaround. This shadow IT cases can create security vulnerabilities and cause significant damage to organizations that expose them to data breaches. Working at home with millions of employees is a considerable security risk. It makes it easy to protect with Smart Edge.

Data Protection

Info protection is an exceptional case when serving from residence. Employees can use home networks and personal devices to access business applications and platforms, increasing their exposure to the company. For example, cybercriminals can use unsecured personal devices of their employees as an entry point into the corporate network. Smart Edge also provides employees with a secure environment. Employee data is protected.

Netology Smart Edge is an excellent way for employees to Even if you're using cutting-edge digital technology, it doesn't make sense unless your employees have the skills to take advantage of it. To truly transform your workforce, you need training sessions that go beyond basic knowledge of cybersecurity, cloud computing, and collaboration software. Promoting cultural change to embrace the digital mind can fill the knowledge gap and accelerate our digitization efforts.


Smart Edge plays a crucial part in maintaining corporations' employees stay fruitful, confident, and organized in the transition to remote work. The manager must be trained to learn the techniques to lead the digital team effectively. Communication, project management, building relationships, etc., need to be approached when done remotely. It's not realistic for a leader who is used to face-to-face management to shift to a completely digital work style without any guidance.

New Opportunities

From an employee's perspective, Smart Edge offers many opportunities for professional growth. The transition to digital technology has led to a growing demand for skills in various advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, data analysis, and robotics. Companies should provide employees with the opportunity to acquire new skills in these areas.

Smart Edge and SD-WAN connects companies in various industries and are transforming into the WAN technology they prefer.

This market is already growing well, but with the recent global trend of more remote work and the need for secure connectivity with homes, service providers see new business options in the emerging market. In this turbulent era, companies cannot afford to delay digital transformation. The sooner you practice the Smart Edge, the more you will gain the advantage of maintaining your current competitiveness and being successful in the future.

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