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Deploy SD-WAN on Netology Smart Edge

Advantage of Netology Smart Edge on SD-WAN deployment

Built on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Netology Smart Edge is a new paradigm for open software and network solutions. NFV aims to virtualize network functions and deploy them on general-purpose hardware.

Netology Smart Edge for SD-WAN Deployment

The Netology Smart Edge solution is open platforms that allows choice and avoids Vendor Lock-in. Customers have the freedom to choose the SD-WAN solution that best meets their needs, and it also matches their existing deployment. You can deploy various SD-WAN solutions to manage them, or your current team can manage them.

By integrating SD-WAN as the virtual edge into your Netology Smart Edge environment, you can reduce your IT footprint in branch offices while benefiting from SD-WAN and virtualization. Traditional SD-WAN deployments were rooted in fixed functionality with specific vendors, ultimately falling into vendor lock-in situations.

Netology Smart Edge Advantages

Faster and more accessible service delivery

Accelerate the deployment of new services to customers and branch offices. The entire network appliance deployed in the branch office is virtualized, enabling zero-touch provisioning. We can install the new network appliance (Netology Smart Edge) in a branch office without needing a technician or someone to configure it locally. The Netology Smart Edge comes in, and the branch manager turns it on and connects to the network. The Netology Smart Edge should automatically be connected to the Netology Smart orchestrator to on-board the SD-WAN VNF for Branch provisioning.

Centralized control

 We can manage all branches of the SD-WAN edge from the center, including their functions and configurations. All data is withdrawn from hardware and software and used on a virtual overlay network, allowing centralized management of the network (and its traffic). Centralized management speeds change and deployment.

Improved security

The SD-WAN Edge Appliance or Netology Smart Edge acts as a gateway to another SD-WAN network. You can also connect directly from your branch office to cloud-based services. All these connections between SD-WAN's site and the cloud are encrypted like a VPN. The Netlogic Smart Edge-based SD-WAN solution enables telecommuting, similar to VPN, point-to-point connectivity. However, SD-WAN can be deployed faster and more efficiently, connecting the entire network.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Once Netology Smart Edge is virtualized, you can change anything. SD-WAN allows providers to remotely deploy and manage many virtualization features such as Router, SD-WAN, firewalls, and load balancers. It gives organizations the freedom to use different vendors.


Creation of new opportunities

The Netology Smart Edge-based SD-WAN solution helps to reduce CAPEX and OPEX significantly SD-WAN does not demand the support and expertise of conventional WAN technology. So the first capital expense for interconnecting affiliate offices is limited considerably. Netology Smart Edge also allows providers to generate new services and revenue from new NFV software and platforms.

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technology enables companies to move from traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) deployments to optimized networks that leverage the benefits of the Broadband, 4G/5G, Direct Internet, and corporate network/MPLS.

Netology's innovative edge solutions are based on a modular framework that supports open standards, protocols, and seamless API integration. We're leveraging Open Contrail and Open Stack to collaborate with the open-source community, accelerating innovation and significantly increasing effectiveness. Netology Smart Edge also complies with the European Telecommunications Standards Organization (ETSI) NFV architecture standard. It can be scaled to third-party VNFs, enabling a robust, open ecosystem that drives innovation.

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