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Enable your remote workforce with Smart Edge - Bases SD-WAN WFH solutions

Smart Edge based SD-WAN Work from Home offer helps work-from-home employees with quick deployment of a highly reliable SD-WAN networking solution. It plugs right into their existing home networks and caters to both business and residential demands for access to applications and data using residential-grade internet service, thus offering a superior user experience for employees, the enterprise, and customers.

Work-from-home is the new normal

Organizations are thrown into a new paradigm where remote work, or oftentimes called “work-from-home”, is the standard in office culture to maintain operational and business continuity.

Keep mobile workers and at-home employees productive

With entire workforces connecting remotely through different devices, organizations have had to face many networking and security challenges. Now more than ever, a new network model is needed to deliver remote working that is scalable, flexible, agile, and secure.

SD-WAN On the Go

For mobile knowledge workers needing secure access to corporate and cloud applications, Smart Edge based SD-WAN On the Go is a software-based solution delivering VPN connectivity with enhanced, cloud-native security.

Expand your security coverage for the remote workforce

Working from home (WFH) gives employers the ability to free employees from the constraints of working within an office domain. WFH provides employees with the flexibility to achieve their work-related goals while still connected to the larger workforce, regardless of their location, and allows organizations to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

SD-WAN Run As a Virtual Assistance

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With Netology Smart edge you build a future-proof sd-wan solution by on-boarding top rated sd-wan technologies options. such as, VeloCloud, Silverpeak, Viptela, 128, Fortinet, versa, cloudgenix and many more.

Netology Smart Edge - Based WFH & SD-WAN On the Go Solution

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-based network technology that delivers virtualized resources to wide area network connections over both ordinary broadband Internet and private links. Applying the concepts of software-defined networks to WANs, SD-WAN abstracts traffic management and monitoring from network hardware and applies them to individual applications.

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