A winning combination

The combination of SD-WAN & SASE based on Netology Smart Edge

The combination of SD-WAN and SASE based on Smart Edge solves the two main challenges: It provides the capacity to offer carrier grade quality of services on top of any combination of network underlay (LTE, MPLS, Broadband) and it provides a robust and simple integration of those services on a branch form factor fully integrated into their back-office system with a rich variety of functions.

Netology Smart edge is the best choice for deploying SD-WAN

The Netology Smart Edge solution is an open platform that enables Choice and avoids Vendor Lock-in. You have the freedom to select the SD-WAN solution that best suits your needs or matches your existing deployment. We can onboard many different SD-WAN solutions and either manage the solution or have it managed by your existing team.

Fully managed services with Netology Smart Edge, SD-WAN Offering

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking) technology enables organisations to shift from traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) deployments to an optimised network that utilises the benefits of cloud, 4G/5G, direct internet and the corporate network/MPLS.

SD-WAN Run As a Virtual Appliance

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With Netology Smart edge you build a future-proof sd-wan solution by on-boarding top rated sd-wan technologies options. such as, VeloCloud, Silverpeak, Viptela, 128, Fortinet, versa, cloudgenix and many more.

Why Deploy SD-WAN on a Smart Edge?

By integrating SD-WAN as a virtual edge on Netology Smart Edge environment, customers can now reap the benefits of SD-WAN and virtualization, all while reducing the IT footprint at the branches. Customers can deploy a SD-WAN and other VNFs on a single Smart Edge Appliance using Netology centralise orchestration.Traditional SD-WAN deployment is rooted in fixed-function with the specific vendor which eventually trap you in vendor-lockin situation.

Future-Ready SD-WAN

  • Manage network technology evolution with a flexible platform that supports a seamless migration from simple routers and firewalls, to secure SD-WAN, to SASE and beyond

  • Replace applications and services already deployed on a Smart Edge on-demand

  • Expand with new applications and services with a click

  • Easily let users test and evaluate new services without site visits and fully automated

Cost Optimization

  • Consolidate several network appliances onto a single netology Smart Edge

  • No costly rip-and-replace operations or truck rolls to change or upgrade services

  • Automation and centralized management at the infrastructure level allows more automation

  • Easier troubleshooting with complex applications when the entire platform is software-defined and centrally managed

No Vendor-Lock-In

  • Smart Edge has a layered approach promoting a lock-in free mindset

  • Build a service delivery platform with best-of-breed components from multiple vendors

  • Instantly replace component vendors for better options without on-site visits

  • Netology Smart Edge promotes innovation through openness, allowing new ideas to be tested easier without need for hardware development or highly developed manufacturing and logistic capabilities


  • A Netology Edge can run any application from any vendor on the same platform

  • Applications can easily be chained through software to form a composite service

  • Shifting customer needs can be met by changing the service on-demand

  • Netology Smart Edge allows a unified end-to-end service management and orchestration for all customer deployments

  • Smart Edge scales from small to large devices even in the same network, providing optimized cost for each use case

SD-WAN based on Netology Smart Edge use Cases

Netology Smart Edge provides an open and flexible service delivery platform, seamlessly supporting major SD-WAN Technology vendors

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-based network technology that delivers virtualized resources to wide area network connections over both ordinary broadband Internet and private links. Applying the concepts of software-defined networks to WANs, SD-WAN abstracts traffic management and monitoring from network hardware and applies them to individual applications.

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