Netology Business Box for B2B

Improving Customer Satisfaction with innovative on-demand services activated instantly with Netology Smart Edge

Netology Business Box for B2B designed to help Telco move away from proprietary network equipment by disaggregating network software from hardware, which significantly lowers costs and increases service offering to the customers and expedite on demand services such as (SD-WAN, Rouets, Firewall, Loadbalancer etc).

Unique Value Proposition for Telco

Telecoms networks contain an increasing variety of proprietary hardware appliances to launch a new network service often requires yet another appliance to install at customer premise and finding the space and power to accommodate these boxes is becoming increasingly difficult, in addition to the complexity of integrating and deploying these appliances in a network. Moreover, hardware-based appliances rapidly reach end of life: technology lifecycles are becoming shorter as innovation accelerates, reducing the return on investment of deploying new services and constraining innovation in an increasingly network-centric world.

Netology Business Box for B2B

Netology's Business Box for B2B offers multi-core Intel x86 or ARM hardware architectures By decoupling the hardware from the middleware, this offering provides Telecom with a choice of cost effective service delivery platforms to align with specific customer locations and service requirements. SFP plugins can also be provided to support media/protocol conversion on the WAN interfaces. Netology develops the software foundation for the connected society with a special emphasis on reducing cost and complexity at the network edge. We supply open-source based NFVI software platforms, embedded DPI software, Linux and real-time operating systems, and professional services.

How does Netology Smart Edge work?

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With Netology Smart Edge now the proprietary hardware runs as software on a Smart Edge helping dramatically speed up and transform how you build and scale your network. It is modular and scales with your needs. Allowing you to mix and match from a best-of-breed network functions from our partner ecosystem.


Reduced time-to-market to deploy new network services

Improved return on investment from new services

Flexibility to scale up, scale down or evolve services

Openness to the virtual appliance market and pure softw

No Vendor Lock-In, modular design

Reduced operator CAPEX and OPEX through reduced equipment costs and reduced power consumption

Netology Smart Edge - High-performance network functions virtualization infrastructure

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