Netology vs Traditional Hardware

Traditional architecture complicates your network with unnecessary hardware. We’ve simplified it with one device.

The most notable difference between Netology Smart Edge and traditional networking is that Smart Edge is software-based while traditional networking is usually hardware-based. Because it is software-based, Netology Smart Edge is more flexible, allowing users greater control and ease for managing resources virtually throughout the control plane. Inversely, traditional networks use switches, routers and other physical infrastructure to create connections and run the network.

The Implications of Vendor Lock-In

Network infrastructure equipment has long consisted of specialized appliances from different suppliers. One vendor would deploy your routers, for example, while others would deploy your firewall, WAN optimization or wireless LAN controller. But what if you could use one appliance of hardware to support all of these different functions across your different sites and geographies?

Traditional networks often work well with proprietary provisioning software, but this software can’t be modified as needed.

Traditional networking is rooted in fixed-function network devices, such as a SD-WAN, Firewall, Routers & Loadbalancer . These devices each have certain functions that operate well together and support the network. If the network’s functions are implemented as hardware constructs.

Leading Transformation at the Network Edge

Mix and match applications based on capabilities you need at each location and logically connect applications via service chaining and orchestration. Virtualization not only simplifies and streamlines deployment and management of your network, but can lower capital expenses, reduce power and cooling requirements, and increase operational efficiency

How does Netology Smart Edge work?

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With Netology Smart Edge now the proprietary hardware runs as software on a Smart Edge helping dramatically speed up and transform how you build and scale your network. It is modular and scales with your needs. Allowing you to mix and match from a best-of-breed network functions from our partner ecosystem

Smart Edge vs Traditional Hardware

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