Netology Smart Edge Features and options

Features and options that fit your business

Netology Smart Edge puts common network functions on one device, reducing space, electricity usage, and emissions

Netology Smart Edge Features and options

No Hardware vendor lock-in

Netology Smart Edge

Small and medium Netology devices to mix and match and accommodate customers of all sizes and site-types, features, and options that fit your business.

Virtual Network Functions

An ever-growing library of Netology-certified Applications, from best of breed vendors, replacing traditional single purpose hardware with virtualized functions of SD-WAN, routing, firewall, loadbalancer and WAN optimization.

Connectivity options

Netology Smart Edge provides highly secure, flexible, carrier-agnostic options for your networking, including: MPLS/global networking Internet/Ethernet TDM


Netology is available in over APAC & MENTA countries and territories, subject to conditions.


Whether customers want a fully managed solution, or to maintain a high-level of control, Netology Smart Edge can accommodate.

How does Netology Smart Edge work?

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With Netology Smart Edge now the proprietary hardware runs as software on a Smart Edge helping dramatically speed up and transform how you build and scale your network. It is modular and scales with your needs. Allowing you to mix and match from a best-of-breed network functions from our partner ecosystem.

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