Netology Smart Edge Product Capability

Smart Edge Solution is designed with network-centric elements. One of the key features of the Netology is its ability to support ZTP from within the operating system.

Netology Smart Edge is a breakthrough capability that utilizes Network Function Virtualization (NFV). NFV is an industry-standard technology that enables us to run multiple virtual functions on a single industry-standard premises-based hardware device (SmartEdge Device).

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Netology Smart Edge is network agnostic with the capability to connect to any third-party Ethernet-based networks. On the application side, it supports a robust ecosystem of best-in-class VNF providers, including Velocloud SD-WAN, Juniper Routers, Cisco virtual routers, Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, and Juniper virtual security, and Riverbed virtual WAN optimization etc..

Netology built on the principal of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

The design has been architected from the bottom up with the goal of providing a software infrastructure platform that is truly independent of hardware, VNF and Orchestration, and optimal for edge use cases. Netology Smart Edge includes the software virtualization platform and the Netology Smart Orchestrator, packaged as a VNF, a delocalized Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) provided to manage the Smart Edge and the VNF’s lifecycle using NETCONF protocol.

Smart Virtualization for Third Party Applications Onboarding

Netology Smart Edge helps customers experience faster, more efficient network deployments, and streamlined operations. Netology supports SD-WAN, vRouter, vFirewall, Loadbalancer, Call Manager, proxy & Applications

How does Netology Smart Edge work?

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With Netology Smart Edge now the proprietary hardware runs as software on a Smart Edge helping dramatically speed up and transform how you build and scale your network. It is modular and scales with your needs. Allowing you to mix and match from a best-of-breed network functions from our partner ecosystem.

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