Traditional architecture complicate your network.

Netology Smart Edge simplify with one device to host all your network functions on-demand.

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Deploy SD-WAN over Netology Smart Edge

With Netology Smart edge you build a future-proof sd-wan solution by on-boarding top rated sd-wan technologies options.

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Increase business agility with Netology Smart Edge

Virtual SD-WAN, firewall, routers and WAN acceleration from best-in-class vendors.

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Future-proofing the Network with Netology Smart Edge

Take advantage of effortless upgrades and on-demand services while future-proofing your network. With Netology Smart Edge you can replaces traditional on-premises equipment with a more flexible technology.

Future Ready Smart Edge

Netology Smart Edge replaces multiple appliances, streamlining operations while reducing CapEx & OpEx

More flexible than appliances

Traditional managed network services are coupled with an appliance for each dedicated function (e.g.,sd-wan, router, firewall). In contrast, Smart Edge isn’t tied to software, which allows functions to be quickly adapted to client needs, like adding apps

Reduces Costs

By separating hardware from software, Smart Edge can significantly reduce both the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance costs. This is especially helpful in countries with high import tariffs.

Simplifies on-site installations

Changing hardware can be slow and complex, especially if done over hundreds or thousands of sites. Once netology Smart Edge is established at a site, changes or additions require only a software change and not a hardware swap.

Reduces client site requirements

Fewer boxes mean fewer resources to worry about. With Smart Edge, adding or changing a function does not require a new appliance, eliminating the need for planning for cabling, space, power and cooling requirements.

How does Netology Smart Edge work?

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With Netology Smart Edge now the proprietary hardware runs as software on a Smart Edge helping dramatically speed up and transform how you build and scale your network. It is modular and scales with your needs. Allowing you to mix and match from a best-of-breed network functions from our partner ecosystem

Why Deploy SD-WAN on Smart Edge?

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With Netology Smart edge you build a future-proof sd-wan solution by on-boarding top rated sd-wan technologies options. such as, VeloCloud, Silverpeak, Viptela, 128, Fortinet, versa, cloudgenix and many more.

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Netology Solution Brief

Netology Smart Edge increases business agility and adaptability by virtualizing key network functions so they can be deployed quickly via deploying Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on Smart Edge.

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Future-proof SD-WAN solution

Netology Smart Edge offers future-proof sd-wan solution by on-boarding top rated sd-wan technology. Enterprise no longer needs proprietary sd-wan appliances, which limited by monolithic single-vendor solution that were

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Netology Smart Edge deploy 10x faster.

Slash Costs and Deploy 10x Faster service on demand such as SD-WAN, Firewall, Loadbalancer, CallManager, Router & other Applications.

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